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Cash for homes

Why sell an estate for cash?

Older houses that need work are good candidates for as-is cash sales. In fact, the more repairs needed, the more enticing the property is to an investor (more so than a typical home buyer) because of the sheer expense the repairs would cost. If the owner of the estate didn’t keep the house up over the years, it’s a prime candidate for a cash sale.

Who sells estates for cash?

Many heirs, especially those who live out-of-state, simply want to “move on” and selling the inherited real estate quickly can provide closure. Other situations, such as multiple heirs or an estate with substantial debts, dictate that non-cash assets be liquidated and the sale proceeds redistributed.

Imagine if all the family feuding and added responsibility and stress could be alleviated in just a matter of weeks. And everyone walks away with cash.

Benefits of selling an estate for cash

  • You can sell the property as-is without having to make repairs or pass an inspection.
  • You’ll get a quick and solid closing with a dependable, financially sound investor.
  • You’ll avoid real estate agent commissions and other fees like an inspection fee.
  • You don’t have to remove personal belongings or furniture in the house. You can take anything of value and leave the rest.
  • You’ll have cash somewhat immediately available which, for some people is the quickest, most direct route to helping move on from the loss of the loved one.

For both emotional and financial reasons, expedited closings and utter decisiveness of hard cash make as-is cash sales an attractive option for liquidating inherited or probate real estate.

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