List a home

Why list an estate on the market?

This option is good if market conditions are favorable, the house needs little work, you don’t mind the extra time it will take, and obtaining top dollar is a priority. Listing with an agent specializing in this area also means that you have a professional in your corner who can advise you every step of the way.

Who lists estates?

If heirs are interested in maximum value, and they are willing and able to wait a few months to obtain it—and the house needs little to no repairs—a listed sale is a good choice.

Benefits of listing an estate on the market

  • You’ll receive expert guidance from a professional who knows the market and the standard real estate selling process.
  • You’ll reap additional benefits of streamlined communication and understanding of the unique process because I specialize in probate and inheritance properties.
  • You’ll have access and an “in” with local contractors by using my vetted network of area service professionals.
  • You’ll receive the best marketing possible and not have to do any of it yourself.
  • You’ll get a complimentary security system (tied to the local police department) until the house closes.

Don’t assume that older homes shouldn’t be listed for sale. As an experienced REALTOR® who routinely deals with inherited real estate and knows the prevailing market conditions, I can evaluate the property and make a recommendation one way or the other.

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